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Our Background

The Southeast Washington (SE WA) Health Partnership was formed in July of 2017 to bring together the health partners in Columbia, Garfield and Asotin Counties. Partners include but are not limited to Public Health, Hospital Administration, Behavioral Health, Hospital board Commissioners, County Commissioners, Aging and Long Term Care, Dental Affiliates, transportation entities and other organizations interested in improving the health of residents in the three county region.


Our Purpose

To develop short and long term community health priorities and objectives that generate recommendations for planning, implementing and aligning action of healthcare providers, partners and community organizations throughout Columbia, Garfield and Asotin Counties. The SE WA Health Partnership is not intended to replace county-level planning and action but instead to support coordination and alignment across counties and shared populations, leading to more effective programs and use of resources.


Our Vision  & Objectives

Planning and decision making is proactive, transparent, shared, and effectively communicated, leading to coordinated and sustainable programs.

The primary focus of the SE WA Health Partnership is to support community priorities focusing on improving the health of our communities. With partnership wide visions on better health outcomes, strategic alignment of resources among our partners is vital.


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